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Image of Patches


tenderly hand printed drawings on cotton
with water based ink

sew them on the back of a jacket, use them to display your rock collection, embellish them with a frame, stitch into a quilt

1. Passing Showers
freedom, just moving through
dark blue ink on unbleached cotton
around 9 x 11 inches

2. Glitter Cloak
a bubble of calm night
white ink on unbleached cotton
around 12 x 14 inches

3. Rosebud
the path that leads to you
dark blue ink on unbleached cotton
around 11 x 13 inches

care instructions:
hand washing in cold water is recommended, but they are heat set and can handle a machine wash as well.

If shipped alone, will arrive in a stamped paper envelope. Otherwise will be packaged with other items in a tube or box like usual.

Image of Patches
Image of Patches